Corporate workshops

Does your organization need to revisit how it works?

Are your people constantly distracted and hyper-responsive, to the point where they’re busy all day but often have little to show for it but mounting workloads and stress?

It’s 2021. The nature of how we work is shifting.

Organizations that best adapt to the reality of today’s world instead of continuing to anchor to the past have a serious competitive advantage. 

First, their people are free to do what they were hired and paid to do - think and act - and their organizations will be faster moving and able to keep up with changes outside their walls. 

Steve Glaveski has run workshops and given talks for large corporations and funded startups all over the world -  from PayPal in Silicon Valley, to Ayala in the Philippines, Li & Fung in Hong Kong, Ascendas Singbridge in Singapore, Australia Post in, you guessed it, Australia, and Stuart in Europe.

Below is a snapshot of what Steve covers in his corporate Time Rich productivity workshops and webinars.

the history of work

  • The history and evolution of work, the psychology of work, and the flow state
  • How human beings sabotage productivity (task switching, overcommitting to things, residual work, procrastination, etc.)
  • Why tools are only as good as how you use them (Zoom, Slack, email)
  • Task switching
  • Meetings 101
  • How teams and organizations sabotage productivity (unnecessary or ineffective meetings, consensus-seeking, high delegations of authority, paralyzing policies and procedure, etc.)
  • Getting into flow / flow triggers
  • Signaling flow

How to improve personal productivity

  • Prioritization and the Pareto Principle
  • Timeboxing
  • Calendar management
  • Automation and Outsourcing of rudimentary, repeatable tasks (including automation tools)
  • Eliminating or decreasing low-value tasks
  • Saying "no" diligently
  • Physiological hacks (breathing, sleep, movement, nutrition, sunlight etc)
  • Batching tasks
  • Parkinson's Law

How to improve team and organization productivity

  • How to build a 'minimum viable bureaucracy' / minimum viable process
  • Timeboxing
  • The value of asynchronous communication instead of real-time
  • Remote work
  • Type 1 v Type 2 decision making and delegations of authority
  • Short feedback loops
  • Employee autonomy
  • Clear goals and surrogate interim metrics 
  • Kanban boards
  • Brook's Law

MENTAL  health at work

  • Current state of play
  • The effect that this has on our mental and emotional health
  • What creates stress in the workplace (excessive workload, lack of control/autonomy, toxic relationships and communication, lack of alignment between strengths/values and work, hyper-responsiveness/task switching and not much deep, fulfilling work, lack of work/life balance, lack of movement/light, Zoom fatigue, etc)
  • How to overcome stress, burnout, and regulate emotions (movement, bonding, setting boundaries, nutrition, sleep, autonomy and control, mastery and learning, meditation, purpose, smartphone use, news diet, reframing, leadership)


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Praise for Steve's productivity workshops and webinars

Frans Meyer - CEO of Alphawave Group

"Steve presented to the executives in the Alphawave Group portfolio on how to ‘Elevate your personal productivity and effectiveness’. The talk definitely got everyone thinking about how they can change their behaviours to focus on the work that matters. I’m convinced the session will have a positive impact on our business."

Jessica Pagano - National Marketing Manager at Charter Hall

“Steve delivers insights in a naturally engaging style, ensuring you are thinking differently and challenging your biases throughout the workshop. The productivity session I undertook with our Retail team, unlocked new ways to approach work effort and measure value delivered roles. The full day course received 100% satisfaction with all participants stating that it was time well spent.”

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